Alappuzha»Green Palace Kerala Resort

yle="MARGIN-LEFT: 5px">Away from the maddening crowd, close enough to reach the untouched Island offers a quite get away located on the banks of river Pookitha, branch of Holy River Pampa. 20 minuts drive from Alleppey City by road, 1 hours by boat through the national waterway.

yle="MARGIN-LEFT: 5px">The breath taking sunrise-sunset across the river with birds dotting the twinkling sky, are memories one can never forget.

yle="MARGIN-LEFT: 5px">In Green Palace Kerala Resort, the gift of nature is in abundance.

yle="MARGIN-LEFT: 5px">Wake into the realities of natural pleasantries at Green Palace Plunge your senses to the whispering breeze, lush greenery's and the murmuring nature.