Alappuzha»Pozhiyoram Beach Resort

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yle="MARGIN: 0pt 5px">yle="FONT-SIZE: 9pt" face="Trebuchet MS">The Nature Yoga Retreat, designed to nurture body, mind and spirit. is an ideal Vedic beach retreat in Kerala on a beach front, just outside the lake town of Alappuzha. Built on the guide lines of Traditional Indian Architecture-Vastu, the Retreat offers a stunning panoramic view of the Arabian sea in the west, the Theeyasaari River in the north, Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy a Vedic retreat from the pressures of ultra modern life.

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yle="MARGIN: 0pt 5px">yle="FONT-SIZE: 9pt">The Pozhiyoram Beach Resort - dotted with coconut plam, facing Arabian Sea and Theeyaseril Pozhi (lake). Blessed by nature on one side and and all backwaters, boarded by coconut palms, a natural habitat of many rare birds. On the other side, an exclusive sunny beach with crystal clear sand. The resort is build on a concept as a fisher man's village were guests has the opportunity to see local fisher man working in traditional Kerala ways.