Alappuzha»Bamboostix Island Resort

As you get off the boat, you will be greeted by a giant, tent-like structure that is our reception. It is made completely out of thatched coconut leaves on the outside supported by wooden frames on the inside. metal columns support 2 bridges that take you to the restaurant and to the roof of your rooms. The view from the bridges and the construction of the entire structure is designed to be awe-inspiring.

The U shaped block of 10.4-acres (44,000 sq mtr) is part of a 350-acre island in Lake Vembanad. The island is inhabitated by a small community of rice farmers who have a unique methodology of growing rice on land below sea level.

We have 300 meters of water frontage on Lake Vembanad near Alleppey/Alappuzha. Our location on the eastern side of Lake Vembanad ensures that we get a beautiful cool, calm and steady breeze from the lake that stirs up a musical orchestra with the coconut and banana trees on site. It also makes it a perfect destination for wind-water sports such as windsurfing and sailing.

Our vision was to build something with natural materials that blends into the unique environment of big open spaces comprising paddy fields, coconut trees and a really big lake. The design for this resort incorporates bamboo as the chief building material. The floors, ceilings, walls and most of the furniture have been made entirely out of bamboo.

Instead of a raft foundation that would be concrete-heavy we dug in 4.5m of coconut in to the ground. Extensive use of coconut logs was made in constructing the foundation.

The views get better with height and we wanted to maximise this so we chose a flat roof structure that would double up as recreational space (think yoga, sunbathing, chill out). The moving (live) weight added to the structural requirement and all the columns and beams were built with concrete, metal and bricks. For the rest – walls, floors, ceilings we used bamboo. Because it would be exposed to harsh sun, rain and pests in a farm environment we had to give it the right treatment.