Alappuzha»White Sand Beach Resort Alleppey

A cozy sea- side heritage resort nestled amidst a traditional fishermen village and a modern town throbbing with life. The Property is right on the beach – you can’t get any closer to the sea on a beach holiday. There are five rooms, elegantly furnished, all offering stunning panoramic view of the silvery beach and the vast expanse of the sea beyond. The rooms are well ventilated with the humming breeze always there to extend pleasant company. Watch fishermen in country boats gliding across the ebbing and falling tide. The age old pier and light house situated nearby bring back memories of a glorious past. Proximity to Vijay Beach Park is an added advantage. 

There is a long verandah where you can sit back and relax, gaze at the horizon and the sea or watch the fishermen of the village nearby. Watch the evening sky blushing, as the  setting sun gently drops  into the  lap of the  azure sea.  Here nights are soothing serene.  The moon blanched beach is  surrealistic. During the night, swinging in a hammock, stargaze into the clear sky with the music of the waves in the back drop.  Slip into sleep to the lullaby of the waves.  With no air conditioning and no television, you are in perfect harmony with nature.

What makes WHITE SAAND an ideal place to stay is its proximity to the beach, tranquil environment, nature friendly and eco – sensitive management, provision for all the services that you might need and friendly staff  who will attend to you with care.  The rustic, refreshing ambience of White Saand is within your budget and is located within the environs of Alleppey  Town.  It is so near yet so far offering our guests the best of both worlds.