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Price Range : Rs 2400.00 / - To Rs 4000.00 / -

Have you ever taken a dip in the refreshing mountain streams?

or have you ever been enchanted by the soft murmur of the mountain breeze flirting with the giant trees? ever awakened to the cheery chirping of the birds?

Have you ever relaxed listening to the gurgle of the mountain streams?

Have you ever reclined lazily on a mountain slope with the soothing sunshine on your face and the misty mountain breeze teasing your hair?

If not, jump at your first opportunity to be at Forest Haven Resort! Forest Haven is an eco-friendly resort set amidst cardamom plantations at Kallar, Munnar - one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Kerala. As cardamom is grown in dense forests, special care has been taken to conserve the woods at its natural best. The jungle provides a bewitching backdrop to the resort. The mountain streams, the misty air, the mountain breeze and the awesome sight of the woods with its rich flora and fauna are guaranteed to mesmerize and soothe your tired nerves. Your stay at Forest Haven would be an experience to cherish for a lifetime.