Idukki»Tall trees Resort, Munnar

Price Range : Rs 6500.00 / - To Rs 25000.00 / -

The Tall Trees Resorts stands tall and aloof among the other such establishments in and around Munnar. What makes it standout is mainly the bio-diverse eco-system it has successfully preserved in the sprawling 66 acres, even though all the modern creature comforts are tastefully arranged in each of the well appointed cottages nestling among the greenery. Coupled with this is the proximity to the most sought-after wild life sanctuaries of South India.

There are around 600 trees overshadowing the resort landscape covered with stretches of preserved wilderness, carefully nurtured cardamom plantations, gurgling streams, rocky formations, wet and green with moss and lichens and the numerous orchids and wild plants covering the tree barks and rocks. The highly endemic species of birds, butterflies, moths, small and harmless wild animals and several varieties of wild flowers all cohabit and make this piece of nature a reflection of Paradise.

Facilities for short and long treks through virgin forestlands and well kept organic plantations, along rocky streams and meadowlands, giving panoramic view of undulating hills and open skies are provided. Campfire, barbecue and adventure activities all add up to give the guests an unforgettable experience of a life time. The colourful sunset view is perhaps the most enthralling experience of all. The footpaths mingle with the safe and secure surroundings without callously cutting through them.

The multi cuisine restaurant with Continental, Indian and Kerala delicacies is glass roofed to maintain the experience of merging with Mother Nature. The open-air theatre and campfire areas all enhance the unity with the earth, at the same time giving an unearthly thrill to the guests. The birds sing in unison with nature, joining in the rejoicing of the singing hearts.
The whole air is suffused with the bewitching aroma of virgin wilderness, and homely hospitality that makes the visitor long for returning again and again to this Garden of Eden tucked away among the verdant valleys of the Western Ghats.