Thrissur»Kadappurm Beach Resort

Kadappuram Beach resort, Nattika is the place to experience the love of nature. The resort built in traditional architecture using locally available natural material. Walls using traditional mats and 'Ramacham' roots sandwiched in layers, blends Ayurveda in architecture. Lakeside restaurant serves the varieties of organic Kerala kitchen delicacies.

To enjoy the facilities of highness, receive the hospitality of mermaid. The inner walls are decorated with traditional mats with 'Ramacham' roots inside. The aromatic herbs paneled on the roof always refreshes you. Stroll in the verandah or just relax on royal furniture. Sleep royally on the king size bed.

When the twilight falls entertain yourself with cultural extravaganza of Kerala, Kathakali, Theyyam, Kalaripayattu, Maappila Pattu, Mohiniyattom, Folk Dance etc.