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Set on the banks of the Payaswini River, Kasargod has well preserved forts and other historic sites that have been witnesses to the region's illustrious past. The district is resplendent with its lush greenery; thanks to the 12 rivers coursing through it. Kasargod is also known for its coir products, hides, and handloom. The streets are dotted with glitzy shops that are mostly owned by Malayalis who have worked for long in the Middle East, that sell electronic goods and perfumes, textiles, snacks and other provisions.

Lying on the northern most part of Kerala, Kasargod is a place that has several niceties to offer to the tourists. The enduring charm of its beach, the architectural wonder of the pilgrim centres and the unique folk art forms are some of the major attractions.

The forts and palaces here symbolize the conquests they withstood against the invaders. Chandragiri and Bekal Fort are two forts you cannot afford to miss. The various mosques and temples here are examples of fine architecture.

Fact File
Area 1961 sq kms 
Population 12,03,342
Best time to visit August to February
Temperature 23.6 – 31.2 Degree Celsius
STD Code 0467



Malik Ibn Dinar Mosque

The mosque located at Thalangara, Kasargod, is believed to have been founded by Malik Ibn Dinar. The mosque has the grave of Malik Ibn Mohammed, one of the descendants of Malik Ibn Dinar and the place is sacred to Muslims.the original mosque built by Dinar was a small structure with a thatched roof,

Madhur Sree Madananteshwara Vinayaka Temple

One of the four temples built by the Mypadi Kings of Kumbla, , the 10th century temple of Madhur Sree Madananteshwara Vinayaka is the most renowned in terms of architecture and importance. The temple was renovated in the 15th century and built in a very unique style. The three storied oval structure


A tranquil town which is known for its pristine beaches, forests and backwaters, Nileshwaram is situated 40 kms north of Kasargod Town. This sleepy hamlet is not quite a tourist hub, yet the natural beauty of its beaches such as the Thaikandapuram Beach, or the historic allure of its rock-cut caves at...

Possadi Gumpe

A small hill resort located on the east of Manjeshwaram, Possadi Gumpe is an ideal picnic spot. 323 m above sea level, Possadi Gumpe is reminiscent of the beautiful valleys of Ooty. It is the perfect place for a long trek through the woods. Konakkad and Ranipuram are also ideal trekking territories.

Kottancheri Hills

Kottancheri Hills are in the rain forests near Konnakkad, 30 km north east of Kanhangad. It is a beautiful picnic spot, ideal for trekking. Thalakkaveri in the Brahmagiri Mountains of Coorg is near these hills.

Trikkanad & Pandyan Kallu

A famous temple on the sea shore near the Bekal fort, dedicated to Lord Siva Trikkanad and Pandyan Kallu is also known as Dhakshina Kashi. Pandyan Kallu, a rock standing in the sea about 2 km from Trikkannad is an ideal place for adventurous swimmers. Legend has it that a ship of one of the Pandya Kings...

Bekal Fort

Built in the 17th century, the Bekal Fort is one of the most well maintained historic sites in Kerala. It is situated 40 m above the waves of the Arabian Sea that lunge themselves towards the citadels of the fort. There is an observation tower at the centre and a peripheral walkway that offer a breathtaking...

Chandragiri Fort

The fort built by Shivappa Nayak in the 17th century stands atop a beautiful hill situated near the confluence of the Payaswini River and the Arabian Sea. Though the fort is in ruins, the spectacular view of the meandering river it offers is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Ananthapura Temple

The only lake temple in Kerala, the Ananthapura Temple was built in the 9th century. Located on the Kumbla-Badiyadka Road, about 14 km north from Kasargod Town, the sanctum of the temple situated in the middle of a scenic lake, can be reached only by a bridge. The walls of the sanctum are covered with...

Kappil Beach

Apart from its palm-fringed shore and casuarina groves, the Kappil Beach is also known for its clean and unpolluted surroundings. The Kodi Cliff near the Beach offers a wonderful view of the sea and beach. The Pallikunnam Temple, 2 km away is another place you can visit.
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